Bill Gates does not deserve the fame!!?

Bill Gates does not deserve the fame!!?
look i know you might im being a bit stupid for saying bill gates is an idiot.
but let me tell you why:

yes hes made internet. which is one good thing….but:

hes ruined many peoples lives: addiction.

and also.

he should of made a much more stronger internet connetion: with no lagg. caus lagg is completly stupid and theres no point in using computer if its just gonna annoy you.

ive been soo pi**ed off by this man as hes ruined my life

oh and one more thing: he stil makes us pay for the fu””ing thing.

even for the xbox live! its insane! isint he rich anougth already??

who here agrees?
u guys are fuc*ing nerds.

im only 14 years old you know.

dont put retarded answers.

and no u cant buy good i9nternets that dont lagg retards, its the house that u live in.

my house is just really big. which is probably why.

and yes bill gates did invent internet u idiots…

microsoft is what started lagg and crap.

so fu*k off

Answer by Craig
a bit stupid? Bill Gates did not create the internet.

Lag has nothing to do with Bill Gates. It is because of the telecom provides in the United States, which have a monopoly on the connections and refuse to catch up with the rest of the world in speed and connection quality.

Answer by Johnny
u shuld reely tri huked on foniks. And bill gates didn’t invent the internet you fuc*in idiot

Answer by Patel89
If anyone is stupid, it’s you. Bill Gates did not create the internet. He created Windows and founded Microsoft. Secondly, if someone creates something and people get addicted to it, then it is the fault of the people for not knowing when to stop. Your internet connection is slow because you don’t want to pay more money for it. You want something, you gotta pay for it. Nothing is free. You can buy connections with speeds that will load pages in the blink of an eye and play games without a single bit of lag. So stop whining about that.

If you think he’s ruined your life, take your computer and Xbox and throw them out of your window. Problem solved.

Answer by Bob
I don’t normaly comment on things like this but you really don’t seem to know who Bill Gates is. I know there are people who do know who he is and don’t like him but he didn’t invent the internet!! he was the CEO of microsoft.

As the answer above states he is not responcible for the lag you get when using the internet, that’s about your computer, your isp and your physical connection. None of which have anything to do with ethier microsoft or Bill Gates.

Also on the xbox live note, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to game online, and the service that I get from XBL is a very good one in my oppinion, I know not everyone may be happy they have to pay for it but when you consider the cost of hosting it it doesn’t seem that unfair to me that you have to pay provided you get a good service in return (which I think I do) the money from it goes to Microsoft not Bill directly and he intends to spend his fortune on good causes around the world rather than himself or leaving a huge pot of money for his family to live off for the next 1000 years, so what goes to him is going to a good cause.

I’m not saying he’s a god but I think he’s got where he has through hard work and an agressive buisness model which I can respect as well as that he didn’t invent the internet and he is using what he’d got to fund good causes.

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Need help, what game should I get?
Ok, for my birthday, someone gave me a Spiderman 3 game for the Wii. I’ve seen how bad that game is, so I’ve decided to trade it in for another game. My dad’s agreed to pay a few bucks extra if I wanna trade this in for a more expensive game. Right now, i’m looking for the best Xbox 360 and ps3 games. I can’t play live however, although I wish I could. I was considering COD4, but then I read about how campaign mode was over in a flash and how it’s only fun online after that.

Answer by vegdrom
Xbox 360: Mass Effect or Bioshock
PLaystation 3: Ratchet and Clank: Future…. or Uncharted

Answer by sicc_widit
COD4 good a$ $ game

Answer by Trojan Man
Dude so many choices… I might suggest Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, CoD4, Halo3, Gears of War, Dead Rising, etc. If you have a PSP get FF7 Crisis Core for sure!

Answer by Fish
cod4 campain isnt that good but online makes it up get cod4 u wont be sorry it rules

Answer by Ce14
You should at least try condemned 2, bioshock, frontline, timeshift, or blacksite area 51. Oh and you should definitely try assassins creed.

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BILL GATES idiot lucky


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  1. Indy April 30, 2013 at 6:45 am #

    For 360:

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Difficulty: Just Right
    Time Spent: 100 or More Hours


    I have been an Elder Scrolls fan since my best friend showed me Morrowind; which I spent half of 2005 playing. Now having purchased Oblivion I spent half of last summer conquering the darkness of the Oblivion planes. This game has just about everything you need regardless if you’re an RPG fan. The top priority is replay value, you can replay several times and never have the same experience twice; unless you play A LOT! My first character was a warrior Nord that fought for peace, now I have a thief Khajitt who stands only to gain for himself. The greatest part is the character customization, you can tweak any part of the face to completely change their appearance from the handsome knight to the horrifying mage. You are given a simple but in depth tutorial to get you familiar with the battle controls and other tactics that can be used at your disposal. Depending on how you choose to complete this tutorial the game will give you a synopsis on what character class would best suit your character. I prefer to make my own class but the default choices are not too bad. Of course they still give you the consolation option to know what stars you were born under. One consolation can give you increased strength whereas another can give you magical abilities. Once you complete the tutorial the real action begins. The world is completely open and the environment is stunning. You’ll find yourself traveling on foot just to visit the sights and to behold the views; never have I seen more realistic trees and grass in any game. The weaponry and armor is nicely detailed but sadly limited, regardless you won’t find yourself caring much about that flaw. Musical score is phenomenal and sets the epic mood perfectly. Enemy AI is quite impressive and I had to level up to at least 10 just to complete the first Oblivion Gate, and even then it was still really tough. This game challenges you but not to a point of complete frustration which is always appreciated. Games like this do not come along everyday and for good reason, they take forever to make but when they are finally released into the world they make a mark and are forever embroidered in history. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has brought gaming up to a new bar and will pave the way to the next generation of gaming.

    For PS3:

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

    Difficulty: Just Right
    Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours

    “Grows on you”

    This game will just blow your brains out! It has great, graphics and it looks like Naughty Dog put a lot of effort in the gameplay as well. You can have some cool rides with cars and you can drive a speed boat. The cutscenes in the game are funny and entertaining.

    Unlike some games Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune had a good story. When the game ended I was disappointed. I really liked the game. The only problem with this game is that you are going to be lucky if you just get 12 hours out of it. The game is rated Teen, but to tell you the truth, it has quite a bit of language and blood into it. Another cool thing about the game is that it has some good stuff even when you finish the whole game. So it will have all the cutscenes in the whole game, it has some medals that you can get while playing the game, like 100 headshots, 50 kills with a certain type of gun, etc. And 60 treasures that you can collect. I got 12!

    Graphics: 10
    Gameplay: 10
    Story: 10
    Value: 10
    Overall: 10

    Hope I helped!

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