getting a horoscope sent to my phone for free?

getting a horoscope sent to my phone for free?
i would like to get my horoscope sent to my phone for free. i used to get it through a facebook thing but it doesnt send it anymore. is there a different site i can get it from?

Answer by Amanada
if you contact a real physic maybe they could if you ask

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How is Horoscopes any less discriminatory than other categories?
How is deciding not to hire people born under the constellation Aries, any less discriminatory/different than deciding not to hire Asians, Anyone over the age of 20, Men/Women, Skinny/Fat people, Blind/Physically debilitated people?

Just based on this information how is Horoscopes and Astrology any different or less discriminatory than the categories I have listed?

Answer by Penelope

Answer by g e m i n i ✿ g y p s y
Well, as we all know, the issue of zodiac discrimination IS sweeping the nation!

Answer by A.I.
Legally, It is no different. As long as he is on U.S ground he better make sure he does not use it and in the event that he does, he better make sure he does not get caught. Age and Gender can be discriminated against in certain businesses and/or events such as hiring strippers, ladies night at clubs free of charge, Hooters waitresses, sports teams, selling alcohol, signing contracts, adult filming etc. Zodiac signs being used to promote, demote, accept, or reject position in any way, shape, or form should not even be considered.

Answer by derrieric
You’ve already proven yourself to be entirely ignorant about astrology and a close-minded person. Given this, the more you post, the more pathetic you make yourself appear.;_ylt=At6iB2T5mDhQxliA3CYz1Dfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120127144224AA3OKir

I don’t have a problem with skeptics or people who do not believe in astrology, however I do have a problem with egotistical and pseudointelligent people

Answer by cutiepie
That’s why people DON’T look on horoscope charts when hiring others, but instead look at their education, training, experience, etc. For example, just because someone is a scorpio, doesn’t mean they’ll be a detective, lawyer, mathematician and so on and so on. There are lots of people who have similar placements and go into totally different careers. Their approach method to those careers may be similar, but the careers themselves are different. For example, you know Bill Gates has an aries moon 8 degrees, and a scorpio sun, just like me! (I also have aries moon 8 degrees) Bill Gates is a computer programmer, while I want to be a doctor, and I’m a 16 year old and (hopefully) going to get my bachelors degree at 18, while most people only graduate high school at that age. I need to get into medical school.

Astrology is not a discrimination. It’s sort of something you live with. For example, if you were born black, would you seriously tell people that you are white? No, because you are black. Yet, you still would have the same rights as everyone else, just a different skin color, and it doesn’t even matter. It’s all formalities and names, but it’s you who chooses which direction to really go! Astrological placements kind of represent your energies and how you approach things, NOT where exactly you will go.

People like you don’t believe in astrology because you probably only read those newspaper predictions for your sun sign, but those are never accurate. It’s because they really aren’t, and astrology is NOT about reading predictions in a newspaper.

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