Home alone and nothing to do. Any suggestions?

Home alone and nothing to do. Any suggestions?
I’m home alone all night a few times a week beause my husband works really late. Tonight I have already watched a movie, practiced guitar, texted a friend, called a different friend, I barley have an internet connection because we just bought this house and I’m “borrowing” some crappy low signal internet that only works half the time. Any other idea’s on what I can do for the next 4 hours?

Answer by Kevin
read a book

Answer by Holli
yahoo questions (:

Answer by Spl1t YO Wig
Ha i was in the same situation. (borrowing) someone’s internet. :p No homo, but i played neopets ALOT.

Answer by David
Try to hold your breath underwater for 4 hours.

Answer by Shaelyn
You don’t need your husband to entertain you. Remember what it was like being single? Go out to a movie. Call your friends up and go have fun. Throw a party at your house. Find creative things to do for yourself. Bake a bunch of things and have a bake-off. Start a business online. Try learning to knit. If you don’t know how to knit, go get lost in a bookstore and have a fun journey. Take a drive into the country and try to meditate out in the fields. Do yoga. Take a long walk and get lost in your new neighborhood (not literally), but enjoy the scenery. Go to a lake. Go bowling. Have the time of your life! There will never be another day in your life that will be as freeing and fun as learning you are an independent woman who can do anything if you just try. Go to a restaurant. Yes, you can eat by yourself, and it’s not terrible! If you’re near a city, go to a bar and have fun. Try a piano bar, those are great! Go live your life, and stop waiting for him to come home and entertain you. Go get a tarot card reading….there’s so much to do I can’t list everything, but I hope something has inspired you!

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free online tarot reading yes or no

looking for an free online psychic chat room?
Any ideas on a good free online psychic chat room ??

Or sites where you can interact with people who are studying tarot, astrology or numerolgy.

Im just beginning AGAIN …. after a 18 year break.

Thanks in advance,
Im not looking for a reading, im looking for like minded people to interact with

Answer by Martin G
if they were any good they would email you the address.

Answer by Dark Soul
real psychics don’t use chat rooms.
They all talk telepathicly!
I guess you need to work on your skills a bit more!

Answer by noverton3
There are none

Answer by RogueLynn
Yes, just like I was trying to do.
My mom, brother and I have abilities.
My mom and I see dead people and speak with them, and my brother has psychic abilities and can also read tarot.

My mom and I thought about going to a Chip Coffey site to where you could interact with people like myself, but it turned out to be a horrible idea. They are all Christian and very high of the Lord. Also, they do NOT allow Truth to be said because it could put fear in those looking for honest answers.
It makes me sick and sad because I’m sure Chip Coffey himself has No idea this is going on.

I really don’t know where you could go, but you could possibly go to Psychic Kids site. you don’t have to be psychic to be on there..you could have the gift of seeing Aura’s/Healing, Seeing dead people/sensing dead people, etc… You could write in and then they could help you connect with people like yourself.

I wish you luck.

Answer by Lauryn P
is a free site for experts and those who want a reading. Its great you get free minuets every day with every expert.

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  1. Nicole K November 7, 2012 at 3:25 am #

    practice more guitar, read a book

    well, 2 suggestions seem little, but…

    DO SOMETHING! earn money, get a part time job

  2. made November 7, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    eat something

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