How to stop male dog from whining while female is in heat?

How to stop male dog from whining while female is in heat?
My poor dog keeps whining and whining. I keep them separated by chains but he stairs at her all day and whines. I read online giving th dog benadryl to kind of take the edge off. should I give him some i know when i was moving they said he could have 50mg but i gave him 1 pill and he wasn’t knocked out just kind of dazed

Answer by Maxi
DO NOT give your dog anything………….book an appointment to have them both neutered/spayed as whatever you do this dog will continue to whine until she is out of season and every single time she and any other female in the area is in season…………………………………..

Answer by Nuclear Wessels
Get her spayed and him neutered.

WOW, that was so hard to come up with.

Answer by 4Her4Life
Neutering him or spaying her will prevent this in the future.

They shouldn’t be tied up where they can see each other, but instead she should be crated in a secure room of the house. He should not be allowed anywhere she has been while in heat until it has been thoroughly cleaned and she needs to be bathed after her heat and before she is back with him.

The whining is what it is – both of them have raging hormones telling them to mate and to do whatever they need to in order to mate (dogs have eaten through walls and mated through fences before). If you are unwilling to deal with having two intact dogs – including keeping them totally separated and him being driven insane for three weeks twice a year – then you should get one or both altered. If you have to pick one, I would spay the female as it has greater health benefits.

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